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Technology today has a tremendous effect on Contact Centres as there is a never ending need to modernise and transform. Organisations have the need to increase their customer reach through multi channel contact centres interacting with them through more channels than one with web chat and social media exploitation. It is imperative for you to have a contact centre that delivers customer satisfaction, efficiency, productivity, increase your sales revenue and customer retention.

CCS can help you achieve your dream customer interaction and revenue.

Contact Centre Set up

To enable organisations reach to their customers it is important that you have the right Contact Centre that provides you the maximum out of your investment. The journey begins from identifying the right channels, right technology, design and set up. CCS comes with years of expertise in helping organisations set up Contact Centres efficiently to provide quality service to customers. The team at CCS can provide assistance for the design, set up and testing of the Contact Centres across all industries. We can provide assurance on security and compliance around call centre technologies used.

Contact Centre Management

Management of a Contact Centre is a key success factor if your organisation has a customer reach through your Contact Centres. While design and set up is important, management of the Contact Centre strategically, tactically and operationally is essential. CCS can help you manage your Contact Centres deliver to the maximum potential.

Contact Centre Modernisation

Contact Centres being just call centres has changed. With more and more technology enablers driving businesses, modernising your Contact Centre is a requirement so your customers can reach you through different channels and mediums at their convenience. The more modern your Contact Centre is, the more profitable, resourceful and efficient your organisation is. Modern Contact Centres are a key driver for customer experience. Our CCS consultants have rich skills and experience to modernise your Contact Centres right from initiation to implementation.

Resourcing and Scheduling

Resourcing your Contact Centre could make or break your investment so it is essential to resource it right. Day to day management of Contact Centres along with the appropriate resourcing is key to running at maximum efficiency and productivity. Our CCS experts come with a wealth of knowledge to create those resource plans for you, analyse your resource plan and provide inputs to improve your productivity, schedule your staff to be able to manage different channels at the same time.

Superior Customer Service through Multi Channel Contact Centre

Organisations reach out to their customers through their Contact Centres so in today’s age, Contact Centres have become the face of the Organisation due to their reach to customers.

Contact Centre Services