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Transforming your Business through Partnership

To be a market leader it has become vital for you to continuously adapt to ongoing change - through improving operational efficiency, introducing new products, restructuring to increase revenue streams, aligning to new regulations and risk.

To enable your business transformation it has become a necessity to have the right processes, people and technology keeping in line with the competitive market.

With CCS Business Consulting you have the expertise to grow, improve and transform your business.

Business Transformation

Leading Organisations do everything right by employing highly skilled resources, having the right culture, processes, technology and right governance structure to enable them to succeed. Through our partnership approach and Business Transformation Services, CCS can help organisations succeed by putting the right strategies in place in order for them to maximise the investments they have made in their staff, systems and partners

Project Management

Successful projects make successful Organisations. CCS are committed to helping you succeed with providing you International Standard expertise in management of your projects. CCS’ consultants are certified to international standards, proactive in their approach, come with a depth of knowledge around varied project management techniques to be able to help you achieve your goals.

Change Management

Change is the only constant and those organisations who embrace change and deliver them are the most successful. CCS will work with you through your changing times be it Business, IT or people change and help you from inception to implementation. We have a partnership approach, your goals become our goals and together we will achieve your Objectives.

MI & Analytics

Organisations today are more dynamic than ever with mergers and acquisitions as well as other changes. To deal with this never ending change it is imperative that you understand your business and operations through facts and up to date information. CCS can help you deal with these changes through Analysing what your Management information provide and by giving you the insights that you need.

Supplier Procurement

Identifying the right supplier is key for you to be able to provide the best in class service at the cost that keeps you within your budget. Procuring your key supplier(s) can be a time consuming and challenging task as it requires review capabilities, short listing, negotiation of contracts, signing of contracts and delivery. CCS’ consultants come with in depth knowledge of suppliers, contract negotiations and management. All you need to do is give the task to us and we will help find the best supplier for you.

Bid Support

Every organisation sustains primarily on the growth and revenue you generate year on year and to do this you need to grow organically and inorganically. Expanding your horizon by winning contracts, acquisition and mergers are key to business growth. CCS can support you throughout your Bid process and help you win contracts. Our Consultants are experienced across industries and domains and can provide you with the edge you need over your competitors.

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